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John H. Burhoop – Metz Mortuary

    John H. Burhoop
    John Henry Burhoop of Benedict, NE, passed away December 22, 2019 at Lincoln, NE. John was 64 years young.

    ​John Henry was born January 14, 1955 to Bill and Lorraine Burhoop. John was third born of his 4 siblings. John Henry graduated from York High School. John also attended Central Community College in Hastings, NE. John Henry had the “Gift” for electronical engineering. There wasn’t a gadget small or large, complicated or simple, that John Henry didn’t want to figure out. John would stay with it until he understood the how’s and why’s of each and every project. John spent some time when he was in his twenties working for the railroad. This travelers lifestyle connected John with friendships, many of which were lifelong. John was a great friend to many. He was that friend you could county on.

    John lived his whole life in York County. He met many people and many friendships were had along the way. Barry Pitzer was John’s best friend. He is family.

    John was employed at Dale Electronics in the maintenance department for many years. This is where John and Kim met. From this union a son was born, Gus Michael Burhoop.

    John Henry shared a thirty year commitment to Teresa (Hinz) Kuhnel, they built their life and home together in Benedict, NE.

    John Henry worked for John Strong at the 16th Street Carwash for many years. This friendship created the stories of the treehouse, the John Henry Brewery, no beer was actually brewed, the journey was the story.

    John Henry was a story teller, a fact finding kind of man. You could count on  learning some bit of knowledge when you sat with John Henry.

    John had many passions, he was a man who loved to cook. He took a lot of pride to create an amazing meal. John loved to fish, to camp, sit around a campfire with a good beer. Old motorcycles, old cars, and movies, especially sci-fi movies. A bad movie made John laugh the loudest. John saved everything (because you never knew if you would need it). Music, harmonicas, guitars, were part of John Henry. Barry and John spent many of hours playing guitars. John was proud to play for his grandkids. He would teach them the magic in music.

    John had the gift of gab, he was rarely at a loss for words. John was a very active grandpa, he always showed up for every event. He picked them up every Friday for 6 years from school.  He had a camera in hand to capture his grandkids at every birthday, holiday, basketball game, cheer camp, or just a weekend getaway with the grandkids. He adored them. John’s Quote “Being a grandparent is the Best gift!”

    There was so much character about John Henry. His interests, his beliefs, his humor, his intelligence, his boldness, his hair, his simple yet complicated ways. Above all was his son, Gus Michael Burhoop. John was the best dad. Gus’s biggest fan, and proud of this young man. His love for his son shall shine bright for all time.

    Family was priority to John Henry. Many stories shared, many that now go untold. We lost you too soon, our hearts are heavy, our memories a treasure, we miss you so. Rest in Peace, John Henry Burhoop.

    He is survived by his son Gus Burhoop of Cordova, NE, grandchildren Jamee, Kairi and Jon Burhoop, and his sisters Toby (Bill) Kauffman of York and Diane Lemke of Bennett, NE. He is also survived by Theresa Hinz of Benedict, Kim Jensen of Cordova, his former father-in-law Bud Spidle of York, nieces, nephews and a host of friends.

    He was preceded in death by his parents, brother Ralph, mother-in-law Pat Spidle, niece Jennifer Lemke and brother-in-law John Lemke.

    A Memorial service is scheduled for 10:00 a.m., Saturday, January 11, 2020 at the Metz Chapel in York. Private inurnment will be held at a later date. It was John’s wish to be cremated so there will be no viewing or visitation. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be sent to his family for later designation. ​

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